Consol Game

The Koroglu

This game developed at Deirvlon in 2015. This game based on legendary hero of Azerbaijan called "Koroglu". In the game  there are 3 villages . Story starts with the death of Koroglu`s father. All game created by Kamran Gasimov (3D Modelling, programming, story writing, animating, level designing etc.)
Almost 50% of the game done, but Kamran refused to continue the creation of this game.

What depicted below were made in just 2 - 3 months by merely one person.

*** What was done ***
* Main character
* 3 big villages with their 3d modeled buildings and its texture
* Animation of father`s death
*  10+ villagers character models and animations
* Horse model and animation
* Riding horse and fighting on horse
* Fighting with sword and shield