History of Deirvlon Technologies

Deirvlon Technologies established in 2011 by Kamran Gasimov. Since foundation of Deirvlon, Kamran Gasimov was continued to his research & development and launched many innovative and helpful applications and wide range of games for entertainment on many platforms under the brand of Deirvlon.

At the begining Deirvlon was just producing "Software". By enreaching the horizon we achive to enter the "Hardware" field. Finally in 2018 new sub brand "Deirvlon Electronics" come to live.

Today Deirvlon Technologies creating both "Software" and "Hardware" products for many different fields.

In Deirvlon many work done by Kamran Gasimov. Who is expert in the fields of Hardware, Software and Design.

In production of many products, teams are playing essential role in production process.

Meaning of "Deirvlon" is "Infinity" (Endless). Logo of Deirvlon is a representation of 'D' in "Aloposn" alphabet.